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Dancing With My Father Again

One of my previous posts [Declaration of Peace – click here] generated an unusually huge number of comments. Some were just reflecting on (and reminding me of) the popular song “Dance with my father again” by the legendary Luther Vandross. Other comments were more personal, with many lamenting how their parent’s divorce issues spilled over into their own lives. My late mother used to say that children learn from the example that you set, not the words you speak. You sow hatred and anger, you reap hatred and anger.

But thats not the story. What happened was, today I came across another blog (Miss Cellania’s Links – [click here]) that linked to the saddest wedding dance ever on Buzzfeed! Have a look: “This Woman And Her Dying Father Share The World’s Most Touching Wedding Dance” [click here] By the way, it looks like the same girl Andrea whose brother sang “Butterfly Kisses” to her on her actual wedding – very sad to watch too.

And so I thought to myself: What if? What if I am told today that I have cancer and I have 3 months to live. Will I be able to record a video like this with Tiffiny? Will she be able to play it and remember her Daddy when her real wedding day comes one day?

Listen to what the father says to the daughter in the video: “Its the relationships that you build over the years that becomes the most important thing in life.”

Divorced Parents, which options are you choosing: Peace or War? I know which option I am taking for my children: Life is too short to waste on grudges and fighting, and so I am choosing peace, love and happiness.

Some more comments?

P.S. The video above was taken at Tracey’s wedding, it shows her younger sister dancing the night away with all her brothers, sisters, step-brothers, step-sisters, aunts, step-aunts, uncles, step-uncles, step-moms, foster-brothers and sisters … oh the list is too long to type. All I can remember is that everybody had a wonderful day.


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