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Moving to a New Home

It’s been ten good years.

For 10 years, this is where I came when I saw some injustice happen to children, especially children who are vulnerable from parents who are unable to resolve their own differences and let the children suffer with their fighting.

But recently I have come to the conclusion that there is something more to my commitment. It feels stronger than ever, but it also feels like it needs to grow. Much more than just the previous narrow view. Maybe it was driven by the fact that I was talking to my children, now that they are older, about their life experiences. I’ve also been counselling a few people when they asked me to. And I’ve been a proud foster dad to some really cute animals in distress.

So I will continue to come back here to write when I have to. It cleanses the soul. But to keep it aligned with my new vision I’m moving the entire blog to a new home at Modiredi where it rightfully belongs. There I can talk about more than just divorce and pain, and I have started adding social media to the list. Facebook and Instagram and twitter are all new homes – look for Modiredi.

Thank you for reading and here is the link to the new home: Modiredi

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