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Sometimes, just when you need it most, a website is presented to you with a solution to a particularly difficult problem. These are some of the sites I have used. It might be useful to you as well.

1. Child Welfare. It is quite weird, but it seems like I have always been “part” of them, but it was never really my choice (that is also debatable …). Yet I know without them a lot of things could have gone the other way. For example I am an adopted child. Then my first wife offered our home as a Place Of Safety for children. Later we fostered some children permanently. I want to recognise the good work they do so here is a link. And Nataniel likes them so it must be good 😉 .

2. Cheaters. If you need a Private Investigation company to provide you with evidence, I can recommend Cheaters. They are professional and fast and their evidence – especially videos – is excellent. Sometimes you just want to know for sure, and these guys make it their job to give you one less worry.

3. Semen Test Kits. Most pharmacies can sell you a range of quick and easy tests, for example a pregnancy test kit. OK, so that one is for after-the-fact. I guess the same goes for the Semen Test Kit. It doesn’t help to prevent or avoid the unfaithful act, but it certainly helps to confirm that it happened. A simple non-destructive test removes all doubt.

4. Fathers-For-Justice. When you feel you are alone in this world, it helps a lot to know there are other people in similar cicumstances. And sharing with people, hearing their versions and learning from them is cool. Read their website, I liked it a lot.

5. Peaceful Divorce – Love is never a mistake. Actually, some awesome stuff if you are at the stage where you want to get over the fighting and get on with your life.

Have you found any others? Let me know by commenting.



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