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Leon UysAbout me?

I am what I am (Quote Ds Barry van Rensburg circa June 2006 in a Sermon that touched me deeply when I needed it most). What you see is what you get.

I’m 50+ years old and during my life He gave me some very tough but important Life Lessons to learn. But He is also blessing me. I firmly believe that God is giving us options, but it is up to us to make the right choices. Looking back, I sometimes made good choices and sometimes bad choices. And sometimes I just let go and I was lucky that He loved me enough to look after me.

I’ve been abused and abandoned. There were times I resented and hated women, and times when I loved them, but I was never neutral. From my mother (I was adopted), through my (now-extinct) marriage, to my last-born they all played a vital role in my life.

At this stage of my life I want to make a difference. I feel I have much to offer by way of my experiences, good or bad. My passion is my children. Watching them suffer through divorce I decided that the best way of releasing my energy is to create support opportunities for children abused during and after divorce.

I live in Johannesburg, close to Sandton in a small suburb called Glenadrienne. I don’t have too many pets but I have older children that love me, a little one that adores me, and a special GF who makes me feel like a king! I still work, I have to. Divorce doesn’t come cheap.

About the blog?

I write. I cannot sing, I cannot dance, I cannot paint. But I can express my feelings by writing them down. Maybe by reading them you can pick up a ray of hope, a crumb of soulfood, or a street pointer to a safe haven. I hope you enjoy sharing them.

You can send me an e-mail if you like (below), or you can comment on any post. Or you can try to catch me on the airwaves, my callsign is ZS6ALU and I often hang out on 40 or 20meters, mostly SSB but also RTTY.

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Hello! Welcome to Leon's world of pain and laughter, a tear and a smile. Please feel free to share your own by commenting. See you back soon! Or chat to me on the airwaves, my callsign is ZR6LU Instagram


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