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Life Is Like A Camera

LifecamSo I had a smile when I saw this picture on facebook. It says: Life is like a camera, just focus on what is important to capture the good times, and when things don’t turn out just take another shot.

Lovely stuff. Like the story of my dog: Sniff it, scratch a few blades of grass on it and walk away.

I’ve seen so many lovely stories similar to this one and I wish I could remember them all, but they are like watching a beautiful sunset from your veranda: Time is not going to stand still and soon it will be night time, so appreciate it and move on. It will never be repeated.

Anyways, sorry for the rambling but that was not the point. The point is: Did you see the way the little girl was pointing the camera? Yes! She is taking a picture of herself!

And that is so important. We are quick to take pictures of other people, of things that are wrong, of people making mistakes. But how often do we turn the lens around and look at yourself? Are we willing to criticise ourselves as harshly as we criticise others?

Are we willing to give as we take, to receive as we send?

As a firm believer in what the spiritual leaders tell us: “As is above, so below. As it is done to others, it will be done to us”. Karma.

So yes, maybe it is time for us to take a picture of us, the way the world sees us.

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