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You lied to me

Poor me!So I was doing my daily facebook rounds, checking my regular pages, when this one popped up: The Best Status.com – 30 sad quotes [click here]. Every line, every quote had a story to tell. Each one were spoken by a person who had first-hand experience of the pain of being rejected by a lover/wife/partner.

I read each one slowly. For each line, I had the thought that it is possible, at least in theory, to gauge in which phase of their recovery the writers were: Some were still angry, many were still in denial. One or two were trying to negotiate. Not too many had walked the road to recovery in its entirety.

Number 21 caught my eye, and I smiled. That was mine.

♥ Out of all the lies you’ve told, “I love you” was my favourite.

Funny how you can believe somebody with your brain, when your heart tells you otherwise. It took me five years. It was a tough road. But looking back, it was my choice to be hurt. I believed the lies when I knew better. I believed the promises before God, when I knew they were shallow. But I wanted to.

The lies haven’t stopped, but since I moved on they no longer touch me. Like the song says: “Its just somebody I used to know”.

How far are you down that road? Want to share?


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  1. Fredia Smolik Says:

    I have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the impressive posts on this site. Keep up the great work.


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