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Who Are You, Really?

We often ask ourselves the question: Who are we really? We don’t spend a lot of time on that. And then we quickly follow that up by telling other people who we think they are. Like we have judged ourselves to be ok, but other people fall short. I think the reason is easy to […]

Hiding behind closed doors

I was absolutely amazed to read the story on Slash-Dot called “Judge Orders Man To Delete Revenge Blog” [click here] where a guy is prevented from blogging about his ex for 50 years. As the commenter says “Even though there was no evidence that what he had written was false, the judge said the ex-girlfriend’s […]

Divorce is a mistake

Ah, the big “D”. While I do not agree with the notion that any marriage can at anytime be broken up on a whim, I’m sure there must be times when divorce (and all the damage that is causes) is justified. So you do the big “D”. But being a man (and as I said […]

No thank you!

Since the invention of mobile phones (cellphones to us here in South Africa), the telemarketeers have had a field day. Now they no longer have to wait for after dawn before they can harass you at home, they can now call you any time of the day or night at home or at work! Normally […]


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