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Declaration of Peace

As you know, it was Tracey’s (my first-born daughter) wedding a few weeks ago and we recently received the official photos. The photographer managed to capture the memories of the day in every shot. She looked so beautiful, but then I think most brides look incredibly beautiful to their Daddy’s (and their Grooms) on that […]

Do You Want Justice or Law

Anyone who regularly follows CNN and American TV news in general will know how the case of Casey Anthony who was suspected of killing her baby polarised the opinions of the public. Some people were furious about the findings of the jury. And then, on CNN, I watched this interview with a senior lawyer that […]

Why isn’t your Ex in jail?

This story comes from the Los Angeles Times 26 June 2011, it is recent. This is not stuff that happened years ago, it is happening right now. A man spent 83 days in solitary confinement, he missed his son’s 6th birthday, and all because a woman decided she wanted to falsely accuse him. She was […]

Fathers Day 2011

So, Fathers Day 2011 has come, and gone. Its evening and I’m sitting here pondering my navel. Well, it is winter and cold, so I’m checking it out through 3 layers of clothing. Lots of drifting thoughts, lots of layers, and missing the little one too muches. She’s gone back to Mom now but she […]


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