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life on earth

What do you think about this article from News24? When I started my company 3 years ago I started with one of the wisest principles possible and that was never to employ anybody in my sales division that follows any religion. I don’t apply this principle to women in administrative positions because often one finds […]

Who Are You, Really?

We often ask ourselves the question: Who are we really? We don’t spend a lot of time on that. And then we quickly follow that up by telling other people who we think they are. Like we have judged ourselves to be ok, but other people fall short. I think the reason is easy to […]

Dividing Digital Assets During Divorce

And so it happened on Slashdot [click here] that a guy is asking how other people are dividing their digital assets during divorce. Most of the comments are typical of the insane bunch on Slashdot. Some are irrelevant, some are off-topic, some are plain rude and dismissive. But amongst the bunch there is this one […]

All Around Us

While I was browsing through some old photo’s, looking for pictures of our 1996 Sani Pass trip, I came across two old photo’s. Together, they tell an interesting story. The story of my two relationships. And I call the two plants my two farewell (“I will survive”) potplants. The first one, on the left, is […]


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