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Love is not a mistake

Happy LoveQuote “When you came together at the time it was meant to be. It was not a mistake. Your children are not a mistake. The life you built together was not a mistake. If it is time to move on, then let’s move on, but let’s honor the past as we look to the future.” End Quote.

It is the hardest thing to do when you are hurt by your partner, when you are humiliated, when you are disappointed. When your heart is broken by the broken promises, all you want to do is lash out and return the hurt. When you are trying to stop the bleeding you cannot remember the fun and laughter.

I was brutally reminded of this recently when I searched my archives for pictures of the little one, and I came across old video footage of the times I am trying to forget. For a long time I browsed through all the family events that I recorded. Holidays at the coast, children’s birthday parties, horse riding in the mountains. There was even a long piece from our happy honeymoon in Mauritius. But throughout it all, we were a family. The grandparents were there, the brothers and sisters, the children. We were a “we”. We spent time together, we went places together, we were there for each other.

It is hard to visualise when you are still struggling with the pain, but in my hearts-of-hearts I know we were together for a reason. We were not random, we were meant to be a “we” for that time. We had to learn from each other, we had to give from ourselves for a while. It wasn’t a mistake, it brought us life and love. Lets respect that.

From my perspective, time was a wonderful healer and I need to thank my ex for patiently teaching me some important Life Lessons, and sharing some incredible experiences.

To everybody else out there: Lets accept that we should at least respect each other for who we were when we were in love. And then … move on. Move on! There is a whole new life waiting for you if you open your heart.

2 Responses to “Love is not a mistake”

  1. Bennett Tinn Says:

    woah thats a lot to take in at once

  2. James Degenhardt Says:

    I have been looking for an e-book about this. If anyone here knows where i can find it, please reply to this comment


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