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Look Mom! It shrunk in the washing!

blackjacksThe funniest thing happened to the dog, Blackjacks, this morning!

You must understand he doesn’t understand he is a dog, he thinks he is one of the family. So this morning it is a very cold morning and I checked on the dog’s digs outside. Warm, no problem, he will be OK during the day when I go to work.

But I know he likes to be in the house whenever one of us are home, and the kitchen floor is tiled and very cold. So I go outside and fetch his discarded puppy basket and put it down for him.

Well, he is 10 months now and a strappy young lad! He no longer fits in his puppy basket! He spent hours trying to understand what is wrong. The only thing that fits in the basket is his bum, but he tried every position he could imagine. Every time of course he jumps out and comes to me for help, then he goes back and tries again.

He knew it was his baby basket but he simply could not get all of him in there. It was really such a silly but lovely experience for us to play.

Sigh. Why can’t humans play more and stress less?

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