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Karma is a bitch

I had a big grin when I received the following joke sms: “Dear Iceberg. Sorry to hear about Global Warming. Karma is a bitch. The Titanic.”

Yup, short and sweet, what you do to others will be done to you. It feels great to know justice has been done, the score settled.

But after settling down again in my work after the beeping interruption, my background thoughts kept on pondering the Karma events in my own life. The more I thought about it, the more examples I could come up with where I did something, and some time later it was done to me. When I did nasty things to my first Ex, my second Ex did them back to me. I was repaid, measure for measure, for the hurt I caused. I had to actually experience the feelings of deep hurt to learn the Life Lesson. How incredibly exactly and precisely the Karma event happened is amazing. How on earth it was possible to recreate such similar circumstances as much as 15 years afterwards is only possible by some Higher power, it is not possible for humans to do it. There was simply no way I could have avoided the backfire (fire-back?) even if I tried.

But there have also been other smaller Karma events, and suddenly I am more cautious to hurt other people when they hurt me. When I can deflect an attack with a soft word, it makes me feel better because I know I’ve just banked myself a credit in the Karma Bank.

I’d like to hear about some Karma events in your life. Please comment?

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