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Hiding behind closed doors

bloggertyping Hiding behind closed doorsI was absolutely amazed to read the story on Slash-Dot called “Judge Orders Man To Delete Revenge Blog” [click here] where a guy is prevented from blogging about his ex for 50 years. As the commenter says “Even though there was no evidence that what he had written was false, the judge said the ex-girlfriend’s right to be free from harassment was paramount”

Which of course begs my question: Women can harrass men as much as they like and get away with it. Guys on the other hand have no rights, only duties and obligations.

Which of course doesn’t matter if it is a really really valid or fair allegation: If the woman speaks the truth, the case is valid. But when she lies, why doesn’t she get punished?

I’m really sad about this situation. What do you think?

One Response to “Hiding behind closed doors”

  1. Nasza Klasa Says:

    Good job


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