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Another milestone

Sani Pass SignSigh. Today my calendar says it is the 18th June. Another milestone passes. Sigh.

Borrowing unashamedly from my brother-in-law Harm, if we look back onto the course that our lives carved, we will recognise many significant events along the winding roads. Events that have forever changed our direction.

A real milestone is a dead piece of rock, placed rudely next to the road by an uncaring person and slathered with sticky paint, as an indicator for other people using the same road. There is not a lot of similarity there between real milestones and life lessons. Or is there?

June and July are my difficult months. Not only is it winter and I hate cold (I wrote about that in my other blog [click here]), it is my Mother’s birthday on the 15th, and a little one passed on the 13th. We buried some of our parents in July. And the 18th was also a very tough turning point, forever shaping my life. Yes, it was also a cold day. Unfortunately I cannot publicly reveal too much about the event, except that it shook my entire belief system about love and commitment to their foundations.

So I had to choose a picture for this blog entry, and I decided to go back to 1996 when my friend Johann Prinsloo and I – with our wives and children – were stuck in a huge snow storm on the top of Sani Pass for a few days, before being airlifted off the mountain by the Army. They say that when people are put under pressure they will show their true nature. Well, we had some really interesting moments on the mountain, and I always thought those moments were important to both of us and would last us a lifetime. It didn’t.

Like a milestone, it just flashed through the window for a second and then it was gone. Whatever I learnt on the mountain about people and sharing and commitment was completely washed off the stone on the 18th, and it became just another useless rock lying around.

But He is good to me, and when He blurs some memories He gives me some new ones to cherish. The little one’s birthday is on the 3rd, middle of winter. Yet last night when I put her to bed and she smiled and said “I love you Dada” I didn’t feel the cold.

I guess the game of life is only over when we don’t see any more milestones flashing past the windows.


3 Responses to “Another milestone”

  1. Nikki Says:

    Wow, I didn’t know that july was such a hectic month for you!

    you really are very articulate. I enjoy reading your posts.
    Well, I hope that in the years to come, you have an awesome July and it slowly transforms into a month remembered with fondness!

  2. name not published Says:

    I would say you did a lot of research on this topic before you started writing on it. You have solid points listed here that I agree with and appreciate.

  3. na Says:

    I am glad you take pride in what you write. This makes you stand way out from many other writers that push poorly written content.


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