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Who Are You, Really?

We often ask ourselves the question: Who are we really? We don’t spend a lot of time on that. And then we quickly follow that up by telling other people who we think they are. Like we have judged ourselves to be ok, but other people fall short. I think the reason is easy to […]

Jerry Springer affair is abuse

During a recent Jerry Springer episode the inevitable cheating spouse was again revealed – no surprises there. But in his closing lines Jerry captured the essence of a abusive relationship, and I’m going to repeat his words as best as I remember it. He said: You know, nothing so hurts the heart as to find […]

Rules For My Daughter

Tiffiny rides the supertube victoriously! These are happy moments for a daddy, when his little one is enjoying life and riding the wave so to speak. But my little one is growing up. She will be a tweeny soon and I will not always be able to protect her, any longer. Soon she will fall […]

Death by the numbers

The “experts” tells us it takes 2 years to get over anything – death, divorce or disaster. The say no more, it should take less but that is the maximum allowed. A mere 700 days before you must move on? The “experts” are wrong. Very wrong. Go thank them for being the insensitive bastards that […]


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